13 February 2008

Homebrewing Hiatus news

I'm gearing up for a diocesan mission trip to Mexico (through Habitat for Humanity) next week. An internet search for "Mexican Craft Beers" yielded results that lead me to think I will not have much trouble staying focused on the house-building work at hand! I have heard of a Mexican Christmas Lager called "Noche Buena" that's supposed to be good, but it's out of season anyway.

Along with the fact that Sara and I are moving -- just across town -- and a Lenten spirit of simplicity, there won't be any more homebrews from St. Cecilia (the subsidiary of Big Perm Enterprises, of course*) until April. However, our new digs (more on this in future journal postings on our other blog sites, I'm sure), an awesome free-standing house, features a massive basement that Sara has assured me can be my Graves-man-cave. No more brewing in the downstairs 1/2 bath! I'll be able to spread out and do some serious brewing. First up, I think, will be an IPA.

The John Dowland Lachrymae ESB might be getting a sneak-peak tasting on Friday night before I head out, and Sara has said she'll post a review of the Dunkel Weizen.

* HA! I should start putting that on my beer labels: "St. Cecilia Brewing is a subsidiary of Big Perm Enterprises."

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AAK said...

I hope that label is serious, because it's fantastic. It's worth noting that the synopsis from Wikipedia that comes up in a Google search on "John Dowland" notes his "religious-based employment struggles, affinity for the lute, usually doleful style, and apearances in the science fiction of Philip K Dick." This man clearly knew beer.