14 September 2008

It's good to be the Queen....

Queen mistakenly sent 2,000 pints of beer

'LONDON (AFP) — Queen Elizabeth II was mistakenly sent 2,000 pints of beer when one of her royal residences was confused with a nearby pub, it has emerged.

Royal staff had no record of any such order when a truck turned up at Windsor Castle on Wednesday with 12 barrels of lager ahead of England's football World Cup qualifying match with Croatia in Zagreb.

A quick telephone call revealed the mistake -- the booze had been destined for the Windsor Castle pub five miles away in Maidenhead in Berkshire county.

"We have received mail for the royal household here before but I think this is the first time they have received anything meant for us," said pub manager Misko Coric, who had ordered the beer for the football match.' 

It does not say whether Her Majesty used Royal Prerogative to keep the beer at her castle or not.  Seeing how it was an undisclosed brand of "lager," and not a cask ale, the temptation might not have been as grand.

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AAK said...

I like the snoobish comment at the end about the inferiority of "lager" to real ale.