23 April 2008

The IPA label

Now we're passing into the inner corridors of Nerddom. But most of you were probably already aware of that.

Here's the IPA label, with what I trust carries the appropriate level of Victorian/Edwardian ethos, suitable for shipping to the Subcontinent:

She transferred into the secondary fermenter on Monday afternoon and looks to be bottled this weekend. I'm still not as handy (or confident) with the hydrometer as I'd like to be but as far as I can tell, everything points to an ABV in the ballpark of 5.something %. Also appropriate. I'm eagerly awaiting this one.

Parry, of course, being perhaps best known for his hymn-tune Jerusalem ("And did those feet in ancient times..." or, to familiars of The Hymnal 1982, "O day of peace that dimly shines..."), which should (also appropriately) stir the hearts of all Brittanophiles worthy of the title, especially upon this, St. George's Day.

My inner Scot cringes and scowls.

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