27 April 2008

Searching for Beer in the Big City

Some fellows talk about New York,
But I shall stay at home.
- Sarah Orne Jewett from "A Country Boy in Winter"
Imagine my delight when I yesterday stumbled upon a write up of BeerMenus.com, a site that indexes all the beers in all the gin joints of...um...New York City. My disappointment was mitigated, of course, by the long-held knowledge that here in the uppermost corner of the Shenandoah Valley both technology and fine brew arrive late to the party, if at all. And this is leaving at the door the small fact of being married to a Baptist minister, living at the frayed but still sturdy edge of our nations Bible Belt.

Still, our more cosmopolitan readers (see: New Yorkers) or those planning a trip to Gotham in the next few months will be well-advised to avail themselves of this fine tool. Search for your favorite ale, dubbel or imperial porter. Alternately, see what the cool kids are drinking, or browse the trendiest bars by neighborhood. And please don't try this in the Bronx, Staten Island or Queens where the safe bet is a Yeungling (at best) downed quickly and a subsequent quick metro hop to friendlier climes.

So when you're out there, be safe, obey all traffic signs and don't feed the hipsters. Happy drinking.


Mark aka "Perm" said...

I will defer, of course, to our resident New Yorker site author, but it seems to me that BeerMenus is quite depressingly incomplete even so far as Gotham is concerned -- the gross omission of anything outside of Manhattan Island is lamentable (and I may take umbrage with The Ghost's quip about Yuengling and the 'hoodish quality of areas beyond Manhattan).
Obvious losers in this narrow vision are Spuyten Duyvil
and the Brooklyn Brewery (www.brooklynbrewery.com), both located across the river in Brooklyn. A user searching for Saison d'Epeautre, for example, will not be told that said bottle awaits them at Spyuten. I'm sure there are many more bars than these that will remain under-visited by BeerMenu purveyors.

That being said, I await the spread of such sites as this to farther-flung regions of our vast nation. Perhaps not to the Nashvilles and Ashevilles of our land, but hopefully the Atlantas and San Franciscos and Chicagos, if nothing else.

TheGhost said...

The Ghost will respectfully point out that Brooklyn was not one of the boroughs advised against in his original post. He has been in the Bronx when the best move seemed a quick trip on the subway back to trendier parts of that fair city. Point well taken about other beers and underrepresented sections of the town.