11 June 2008

Beer and Food (NOT Coors and Peanuts) on Network TV!

The times they are a' changing, and anyone who wonders otherwise (cerevisially, anyway), should check out NBC at 10:00 tomorrow (Thursday, 12 June), which will feature an interview with Dogfish Head mastermind Sam Calagione and his business cohort, Marnie Old. Here's a good preview article via Todd Alstrom on BeerAdvocate. Please overlook the sophomoric misuse of its/it's. I am curious to check out the book they'll be discussing (He Said Beer, She Said Wine, pictured above).


Unknown said...

I caught an interview with the authors on the DC NPR affiliate. Only the last five minutes but it was clear that the Dogfish head guy was living the dream.

Mostly, it just made me want to drive straight to DFH in Rehoboth. Mmmmm...dogfish head...

Mark aka "Perm" said...

So the local affiliate in my area decided to axe the final hour of Today in order to show Oprah (barfo!), so I missed the live segment.
Here's the archived video:

Mark aka "Perm" said...

I finally got around to watching the segment online.

Didn't really miss anything:

1) I should have known better, given the hosts of NBC's Today Show. Ugh.

2) They completely overplayed the fact that, of the co-authors of the book in question, the beer angle was from the man and the wine angle was from the woman. Turned it into a "battle of the sexes" thing. Barfo.

3) What do you expect when you've only got 4 1/2 minutes of air time? No substance.

4) That being said, New Belgium and Dogfish Head breweries got a little national-TV spotlight time. That can't be a bad thing.
The wine that was picked, on the other hand, was an Ernest & Giulio Gallo. Take that, oenophiles.