04 June 2008

June review by Mrs. Perm

Mark has been bugging me for WEEKS now about posting a review of the St. Cecilia IPA. SO. Annoying. He will NOT let this one go, and honestly, I have taken my time because I want to be very intentional about what I say about this fine, fine brew.

In short: I adore it.

When your husband is a home-brewer, you have to be careful about how you critique the result of hours of patience, fine tuning, and love that goes into every pint. I have a few thoughts to share - but not in the style of: "Nose, hmmm, it's a mild bouquet of sandalwood, cloves and bananas... I give it a 4.725." No. No. No. I feel there is a time and a place for these types of beer reviews, but Mark's IPA implores for a reviewer to look beyond the five senses and peer deep into its very soul. This is a beer which speaks to you on a very nostalgic level - at least it does me. It hearkens back to a time when I was a student at App - and the time of year when the weather would change in the mountains. All of a sudden, the frosty mornings gave way to green tree leaves and cool breezes. It practically BEGGED you to skip class and have a barbecue on the apartment building's lawn. My friends and I would drink beer in Solo cups until dusk fell, lingering outside as long as possible. Everything we cooked tasted good, and the beer was a background for good times, laughing together, and beautiful spring weather.

This beer is like that. It is the perfect springtime brew. Here it is June (the effin' weather here is already switching to SUMMER) - and as I type, I am sipping on the very last bottle (other than the six we've cellared) and thinking back to simpler, happy times.

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