13 May 2008

The Moon Under Water

When I think George Orwell, a few things pop into my mind at first blush:

* Barnyard Animals and their political schemes.

* 1984

* The current socio-political landscape

From henceforth, however, I'll have to add a fourth asterisk to that list: The Moon Under Water.
The MUW is the name of both a brief essay by Orwell, and of the pub that said essay describes in loving detail. It is a pleasant essay full of love, nostalgia, even a hint of wistfulness. It premiered in the London Evening Standard on 9 February, 1946.

Here is the essay for your reading enjoyment. I suggest a pint in hand for the reading.

1 comment:

AAK said...

Of course how could he have written 1984, or Animal Farm, without access to a good pub?